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<p><span class="story_dl"> A display&#39;s refresh rate will not change the frequency or severity of frametime spikes coming from the system, but with syncing methods active (where the display is at the mercy of the scanout, and must adhere to it, unlike V-SYNC OFF), a display with a faster scanout (a.  Jul 11, 2017 · Any Way To Get Mwo To Use More Cpu/gpu To Get More Fps? vs my normal 110-130 fps and framerate was a decent bit lower and a lot more frametime spikes, except I&#39;m using NZXT Kraken 72 fro cooling AMD Threadripper 3970X.  A Unity ID allows you to buy and/or subscribe to Unity products and services, shop in the Asset Store and participate in the Unity community.  Nov 15, 2014 · A few benchmarks, FPS charts through the run as well as frametime results were provided.  Ultra vs Low Textures in Deus Ex Mankind Divided Frametime testing can cause frametime spikes.  Basically, my frametime whats your GPU usage and Vram usage like? can you post a pic of the GPU usage trend as well as frametime? seems like the only thing you haven&#39;t tried is a different GPU.  So I&#39;m trying to get a 1920x1080 texture from the CPU to the gpu every frame at 60fps +/- a small bit of deviation (hopefully &lt; 0.  With smooth lighting enabled, though, whether it’s on minimum or maximum, the frametime spikes and, thus, stuttering due to fps drops, are far too noticeable to be ignored.  Sep 22, 2016 · Many gamers refer to any performance problem in an online game as “lag.  If I see an enemy, frametime spikes, shoot at them, frametime spikes, someone throws a grenade, spikes etc.  The result is a roughly equivalent frame-to-frame interval, with also roughly equivalent frametime spikes when they occur.  2. .  You may think that with 144fps limiter all you get is 144 max but that&#39;s not the case, you can easily get 180fps spikes and while your average may be 143fps half the frames are jumping into Vsync territory and have latency applied while other are in Async territory = you get stutters for dayz.  Certainly not my hardware on an 8700k/1080 either. Been on Windows 10 Version 1607 with Nvidia driver 378.  New posts Search forums Dec 22, 2012 · So the graph above the one you show is the normal usage were there are no spikes.  I&#39;m not sure why you get those frame time spikes though.  In MSI afterburner I can see constant frametime jumping from 20 to infinity.  Still however, I am getting massive frametime spikes in my games, most notably Battlefield titles.  Dec 13, 2018 · This is a simple tutorial on how to improve your FPS on Insurgency Sandstorm.  Maybe this is engine related? I would love to see the DS3 frametime of someone with a fast, more recent CPU.  For 120 fps it should be at 8.  However, after playing for awhile, I will start noticing little &quot;sessions&quot; of frametime spikes.  For this Mini-ITX ready chassis can you&#39;ll be surprised about We take a look at Far Cry Primal in our usual in-depth ways.  1.  probably some OS or RAM problem.  At this point, I will literally pay money to the person who helps me figure this out.  Yet the average ms time when there are no frametime spikes, do not suggest the GPU in question can not handle the load.  So yes, even though my game works at any framerate/frametime, and the spikes don&#39;t affect the actual determinism of the gameplay, I guess it&#39;s a trivial complaint.  I looked deeper into the Afterburner logs and though I don&#39;t really understand it myself. 2 Ghz, Nvidia 260M, 16 GB Ram, SSD and normal HD.  The game runs fine, other than small freezes that happen every 3-10 seconds and they freeze the game for 1-3 seconds and then returns I have Windows 7 As for the framerate not changing: that&#39;s normal, my fps is great, what you should look at are the spikes in frame times.  the problem doesnt even appear by closing silent option and not using it at all before gaming Unity ID.  As for some other Nvidia users reporting not having frametime issues like yours with Cemu, some of them simply may not be as sensitive to frametime spikes as you are, and/or are using different Cemu settings/configurations with (possibly) different games than yours, which can affect frametime spike occurrence greatly.  AI Destroy Area will try far mode if normal unreachable a little more with &quot;medium&quot; and &quot;high&quot; but with these latest settings frametime spikes a lot more than low Jul 17, 2017 · hello I have had GTA 5 for about 8 months on my pc and it has been doing it ever since I got the game.  The point is: there is no &quot;visible&quot; stutter, but it does not &quot;feel&quot; smooth like 60fps games with normal frametime.  At beginning i tought its the ryzen problem, so i was looking at that, but in the end its graphic card.  Hello, I’ve been suffering from major latency issues for the last couple of weeks.  Fixed update (as the name suggests) is executed at fixed intervals, regardless of frame rate.  Some things seem to cause it more than others: Instances with Rain, Necromancers raising Undead, and the like.  The frequency of periodic 400-500 ms frametime spikes gets lower the longer you play.  I suggest setting this higher than your max frametime.  Some open-world games do it better than others.  After 5 minutes of gameplay I switched to LatencyMon and noticed that highest DPC latency was about 202 ms (instead of normal 30-90 ms) for this driver &quot;Wdf01000.  I used to get a smooth 40-60 with some stuff on medium.  Mar 04, 2017 · The difference was night and day, the only time I get a frametime spikes now is when re spawning which is completely normal.  This should reduce or remove the tearing seen in the upper FPS range near the bottom of the screen by giving enough “breathing room” for frametime variances.  Having easily over 60 fps but there are these random frametime spikes.  You have 60FPS, but won&#39;t smooth.  PC specifications, Windows 10 &amp; Software configurations are below in this topic.  Rotation is fairly smooth.  This video at 1:47 is similar to Just recently started monitoring CPU power as well and haven&#39;t seen any dips there.  However, tearing will still be seen occasionally during frametime spikes, and/or whenever the framerate exceeds or drops below the Freesync monitor’s VRR range.  CS:GO).  A product that has been talked about for quite a while. sys - Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime, Microsoft Corporation&quot;. 6 GHZ, GTX 1060, 16 GB RAM Feb 06, 2019 · A faulty GPU can indeed cause frametime spikes and tearing i have seen that before.  When I initially load up the game, I can play for awhile, probably half an hour.  It happens on Battlefield 3, 4, 1, and V for me (all of the BF titles I own).  You should start with that but if you run at 25 FPS consistently then you have zero overhead left and you are subject to spikes and precieved stuttering.  I took a picture of MSI Afterburner to show the frametime spikes, and was hoping if anyone had a solution? Been working the past 3 weeks on this issue and I&#39;m starting to run out of options/ ideas.  1709 even bf4 gets ( slight ) cpu spikes here and there they arnt stright up and down they are rectangle spikes on the graph and make the frame times shoot up up to 3 ms difference doesn&#39;t doth is in 1607 re checked if cpu cores are un parked yepp all good , uninstalled game bar , bla bla you name its been shut off .  After upgrading Windows 10 to the CU update, I have noticed unusually high frametimes.  If playing solo, play with a group on your server and see if they experience the same lag spikes with their F1 monitors open.  If frametime is lower typically we associate it with vsync being off and we have quicker response in game, but if the frametime is higher say 10-15x it&#39;s normal value the frame rate tanks.  All the spikes are currently noticable.  Rainbow Six is fluid, as always.  In other words stuttering is a HIGH FRAMETIME VARIATION.  No Man&#39;s Sky Frametime Performance Review: Not Even on a Titan XP stutters and spectacular frame latency spikes in excess of 4000ms.  It will be interesting what others have to say or compare.  All other signals seem normal I have no idea what&#39;s wrong.  Now shows 800MHz is Speccy, so thats good.  Tried everything.  25ms spikes every 3-5 sec.  When I play at 1440p at around 80 to 90 fps uncapped I seem to get spikes all over the place.  Let me explain the issue.  But I&#39;m getting frametime spikes - when it suddenly rises from 2-3 ms to like 30-50 ms or even more, and I don&#39;t know why.  This is where Reprojection can smooth things out.  Few if any dips beyond 20 ms or even 16,6 ms.  (takes load of CPU &amp; ram) My frametime is stable 12.  Frametime - Basically the time it takes to render one frame can be monitored and tagged with a number, this is latency.  A quick question about any known fix; I am currently experiencing frames drops (from 60 to 3-2) playing on Path of Exile.  6 Feb 2019 A faulty GPU can indeed cause frametime spikes and tearing i have seen that wrong with you computer - the effects in that video are normal.  10) Turning off AMD Cool N&#39; Quiet 11) Setting&nbsp; 8 Nov 2019 These spikes from the pic especially appear when zooming out of a sniper scope or airstrike binocular.  GTA V has some frametime spikes, which do not cause stutter, and a there constantly, also when looking around so I suspect a driver issue.  Jun 26, 2019 · Suddenly your frametime spikes to 300-400ms (&lt; 9 fps), the game almost FREEZES, then quickly back to 10ms, then quickly again 300 and so on.  Hi all.  The one you show is the worst 5% they found were it happened to have a large spike on the 7700k.  Oct 23, 2015 · A couple of things that get repeatedly overlooked in these threads.  2080 Stuttering / Microlags / Frametime Spikes. 5ms, vsync disabled, fullscreen, framerate capped to 80 via Riva. 8 second, and hanging the program for 0.  I&#39;m not sure of whether or not the ms spike is tied to the frametime spike; I&#39;ve never had to gauge frametime in other games.  It is like micro warp.  Ryzen 5 1600 3.  (more, not fully).  If these CPU slowdowns happen when your game is running slowly then it is reasonable to assume that they are the cause and that your CPU is overheating. 3ms until it spikes up.  the frames drop to 70-80 while moving around and fighting.  – Remove Ideal frame time should be max(CPU time,. 8 ms and 21 ms on average, and on some games the spikes can be up to Feb 23, 2016 · My experience in win 10 home (week of March 15, 2018) is that the updates will reinstall at the first opportunity the other, non-functional driver regardless of the settings changes and hacks I I am getting some massive frametime spikes, sometimes it feels like the game locks up for a split second then goes back to normal.  At first I noticed that the performance seemed to be just slightly lower than before.  Everything Better Than 60Hz — including 120Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz, input lag, ULMB, LightBoost, G-SYNC, FreeSync, eSports, VR, and more.  How unfortunate.  These are shooting right through the roof, like 120ms or more and I can see them and feel them.  I think that WIndows 10 is the culprit but not It&#39;s sad to say, but there are serious FPS drops/spikes/freeze and micro stuttering in almost all the games on my new self-built high-end PC with Intel i7 8700K + Aorus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.  Also Accepting to run normal settings instead high and not using ssao or dynamic reflections and this game runs just fine with very modest hardware, especially if one is happy with 30fps, so it&#39;s kinda inside of head thing that makes want best possible performance, there are no actual reasons for that.  I upgraded the test bench setup with an Intel Core i7-8700K + a Z390 motherboard and things got back to the normal.  Please Note: 1.  At what fps depends on what monitor you have.  Posted by robierdtsieck: “Frametime spikes with RTX 2080” About 4 months ago i purchased a MSI RTX 2080 Gamning X Trio.  For GTAV also expierence same thing, usually frametime spikes to ~30ms or more, making game stutter May 15, 2016 · So basically I&#39;m having frametime issues in every game I play, I&#39;m monitoring everything with MSI Afterburner at the quickest polling speeds and even when my FPS holds steady at 60 FPS (I&#39;ll run a game at low settings just to make sure of this) the frametime bounces between 16.  Apr 11, 2018 · And the frametime often spikes much higher, a lot of 100ms, some 500s, and occasionally ~1500ms.  It lasts for about 10-15 full seconds and then it simply disappears.  There would be small spikes in the frametime that would occur every second.  The spikes never exceed 20ms for the 7700K so, while a few are noticeable Until someone mentioned it earlier in this thread I would have never thought the normal and constant fluctuation in clock speeds that these cards experience by default would cause frametime spikes (jitter). 11-8 D9VK you will see periodic frame time spikes while those spikes doesn&#39;t happen if you replace it with release from projects Github page.  Can you access another PC to test the 590 in? Also it&#39;s very hard to see it in that video, at least to my eyes.  Could you record us a video with shadowplay and post it here, maybe if we can see what&#39;s happening it might tell us something.  If you monitor your CPU usage with MSI Afterburner you will see it is very high and any background task or extra game effect (explosions, smoke, etc.  Subjective feeling is of similar smoothness to a forced cap of 60 at higher settings.  Sep 08, 2019 · , the person hardly has any spikes and he is running at 4k.  When playing a game, the massive frametime spikes seem to coincide with a Power % drop from a steady approx 90 to approx 20.  Basically I&#39;m getting stutters all game and it feels like I&#39;m playing with 500ms+ ping.  This occurs when my Frame Time spikes up (from 25 to 170+), this happening irregularly.  However with a die-shrink towards a 7nm fabricated However, one of the ways in which I want to diverge is to use WinRT instead of the old Win32 style for the platform code part. 01, where 1 is normal speed. ) I&#39;d run the WinMTR in the background while you play and produce these lag spikes, see if it there&#39;s a correlation.  It seems almost as if the whole program is &quot;hiccuping&quot; with CPU performance, and then goes right back to normal.  With Proton 4.  Windowed fullscreen can work with gsync but it varies from game to game.  The more consistent the frametime, the more smoother percieved the experience and the consistent frame rates.  the &#39;perfect&#39; game loop, fix your time step (by step) Started by cozzie with 31 comments, last by cozzie January 31, 2017 03:49 PM Graphics and GPU Programming Programming Aug 23, 2018 · I have marked spikes on enclosed print screens: I would like to mention here that these Frametime spikes are not low.  Hello, My Specs: Intel 8600k @ 4.  Here is the profile snapshot: Apr 18, 2015 · Also if you up the render quality above 1 with SLI then there are worse horrible spikes &amp; stuttering.  Aug 01, 2016 · If you&#39;ve watched my video &#39;How to fix unexplainable lag spikes/FPS drops on the GTX 970 (WORKS ON ALL GPUs) (Windows 7, 8, 10) &#39; and you still have some weird unexplained unbearable lag in your Jun 13, 2019 · Experiencing stutter with periodic frametime spikes for the past 1-2 months.  I&#39;ve built my bases in completely different locations in every game but after having played for a few hours i get the same problem and the framerate always drops when looking in the direction of my base from any point on the map.  For example 12 for 90hz, 14 for 80hz.  My temps are normal and CPU does not hit 100%.  Are these consistent frame timing spikes normal? I&#39;m trying to determine if I&#39;m having issues with my Vive setup.  May 10, 2019 · I know frametime can fluctuate, cause it depends on what&#39;s happening on screen. 2GHZ.  Feb 01, 2019 · Getting random ms and frame time spikes that have made the game unplayable.  tested games: apex, overwatch, csgo.  I need to say iv done everything, reinstalling win,drivers and so on.  But then Minecraft, The lowest requiring game, lags.  From Valve Developer Community.  You may find yourself in a lot of Orange with Red spikes, still smooth but with variable play.  This has been causing stutter, and is especially noticeable in Rainbow Six Siege, where the stutter is so bad that the game is nearly unplayable.  May 07, 2017 · good frametime should be in sync with your frame rate.  I have further narrowed down the conditions for my horrid 150ms frametime spiking.  It was full of frametime spikes with my old i5-4570 since my 8 years MSI laptop ran it without problem (as I remember) with a Core 2 Duo / 9600GT combo.  when i uncap , also got 90-100 fps.  Even capping at 60 fps I get spikes more often then in this video.  Frametime spikes don&#39;t cause laggy character movement while the camera/other object movement remains fluid.  the inbuilt frametime graph in BF1 can also be useful, this is mine see how its nice and flat with no spikes, ideally yours should be the same My RAM is 1600mhz, so I changed it in the bios.  Apr 17, 2019 · Frametime spikes - duration of the spikes differ from game to game - quantity of spikes differ from game to game - frametime graph in FURMARK (Clean windows 10 install, no tweaks) 1000ms polling - will provide unigine superposition graphs soon - What I&#39;ve done: - Multiple windows reinstalls (7 and 10) Is stuttering frametime spikes normal? I&#39;ve played witcher 3, Rocket league and cod mw, and they all have frametime spikes that i can see through msi afterburner.  Is this normal? I also noticed that this microstuttering can sometimes occur when a group of zeds are being spawned a few feet away behind some large object or behind you in your blind spot.  - Do the frametime spikes reduce in occurrence or length with all syncing methods off? - Do you see spikes like this (not counting Apex) in more games than just Fornite? I could keep going, but I think you get the gist; there are a lot of possible things that can affect frametime spikes, and many could be placebo depending on the setup and or game.  Frametimes were varied, and for the most part averaged under 30ms, in some instances there were a few frametime spikes to 80-100ms, otherwise it was overall solid.  Terrible suttering during certain areas, 1440p gtx 1080 ti, around 90 fps then suddenly huge drop down to 50s then back up to 90sːsteamfacepalmː within half of a second, which causes stutter problem and it`s very annoying! ːsteamfacepalmː With smooth lighting off, the frametime spikes are still there, but the game isn’t completely unplayable; however, the game looks awful with smooth lighting turned off.  It&#39;s just how the servers/game is, one thing you could do is to change if you haven&#39;t already is maximum pre-rendered frames to 1 to all of your games i noticed that did help so much vs let the 3d application decide.  The yellow idle time also jumps up (and off the top of the scale) indicating the application now has twice the budget to work with, and after three additional frames under budget, drops back to normal.  If your frame times rise, then more fixed updates will occur on that frame.  My RAM speed is slow and can be a bottleneck. ” But if your computer’s frame rate is low, that isn’t the same thing as lag – lag and low FPS are different problems with different causes.  As, you can see there seems to be a issue of when ever my frametime is 20ms and above, I get stuttering/lag.  My fps is fine, but i get frametime spikes which point to a CPU issue because in games like BF1 and DOOM, my CPU frametime graph spikes up during the&nbsp; 12 Nov 2018 Gsync should not cause extra frametime spikes normally but there are some things to check.  Therefore I claim here that ANY forum post where people complain about stutters due their cards often hitting the P/L are nothing but nonsense.  Hello, i have problem with massive frame time spikes.  Whenever i pick up any item or face few monsters (like maps bosses) my frametime goes from 15 to almost 3k, it started to happen with the release of Ascendancy.  Also the overhead doesn&#39;t take 60% of the performance since it performs pretty well. 1 May 13, 2019 · When they talk to each other or address the player, NPC &#39;speech bubbles&#39; also cause stuttering.  At lower frame rates, the interval between spikes would start to vary more, but would always be close to a whole number in value.  Those are totally normal i have sometimes lag spikes in apex legends too but its no that bad and my frametimes looks similar to yours.  In the worst case there are still 250 frames per seconds.  There are also spikes without fixed positions that do not persist between runs.  Discussion in &#39;Technical Support&#39; started by RinseWell, Aug 2, 2019. ) Did you do the Firmware update (or test if one&#39;s available) for your SSD? 4.  Absolutely, undeniably unplayable.  Spikes are extremely random. a.  -Rust(ON SSD) runs well with frametime spikes up to 3 or 4 times the normal timing (From 10ms to 40 ang way higher)-Final Fantasy XV a lot of tweaks needed, stable fps with some spikes like Rust -The Witcher 3 runs well except for occasional frametimes spikes-Dirt Rally runs well, sometimes has frameskipping but not a lot of stutters -Rust(ON SSD) runs well with frametime spikes up to 3 or 4 times the normal timing (From 10ms to 40 ang way higher)-Final Fantasy XV a lot of tweaks needed, stable fps with some spikes like Rust -The Witcher 3 runs well except for occasional frametimes spikes-Dirt Rally runs well, sometimes has frameskipping but not a lot of stutters Under normal circumstances this percentage should be 90% or higher. 6ms frame-to-frame interval on the 4790K, or about 6. 175, they would completely disappear.  So you&#39;re concerned about losing precision that wasn&#39;t there to begin with.  We review the Fractal Design ERA in a Titanium grey with Walnut finish, a silent PC housing for small form factor motherboards.  So far i have noticed that normal frametime is about 8-16, but for example when playing CS:GO capped at 144 fps, frametime spike jumps up to 20 and then just drops back to normal like never happened.  – The lagged Experiment with the usual suspects.  In GTA 5 they occur each 5-20 sec, especially noticeable when aiming to the police helicopters on the background with a skybox.  have you tried lowering resolution and settings to lowest to see if the problem is GPU related.  When run at 60 FPS, the interval between each spike almost always be 1 second, very rarely 2 seconds (and the spikes would last about twice as long).  So I recently started looking at frametime and it really does clearly show frame times that shoot way higher than your Avg framtime is normal.  What about more? what if 200 lava are moving at same time in nether/caves? when they are in caves they cause lighting updates is its okay to give 30ms of frametime to single lighting update? Reproducing with large quantities is hard because player can place only one per time.  higher refresh rate) can theoretically recover faster from frametime Jun 06, 2018 · It is normal for an i5. 78 since April (it ran stable, the creators update gave me audio prob Gsync should not cause extra frametime spikes normally but there are some things to check.  Mar 25, 2019 · In open-world games, this streaming process is usually continuous.  i just wanted to show him that there are no framespikes in normal cases.  Logged on today, like literally every other day, to face unprecedented performance issues.  There are no spikes or &quot;lag&quot; or delays introduced by hitting or leaving the power limit.  Putting a second channel in helped my old laptop with 7300HQ a lot, and these CPUs are fairly similar in performance.  I also use SLI anti antialasing.  The GPU clock speeds never varied from the boost speeds either at stock or overclock. and its frustrating to my eyes.  It&#39;s normal for the gpu to max out 100% with benchmarks and I suspect at 240Hz games will max it out too and is not a problem, cpu and gpu temps look good.  Proton 4.  Apr 09, 2018 · Then I opened the Latency Monitor and started playing GTA 5 again.  we can just test anyway and produce charts as normal Jun 15, 2018 · On Super Mario 64 the game is capped at 30fps so a steady 30fps is what I get until the stutter/lag happens. 8Ghz MSI Armor 2070 Asrock Z370 Extreme 4 Gskill 3000mhz 8gbx2 Ram (dual channel w/ XMP) EVGA Supernova G3 750W PSU Samsung 860 1tb SSD (also tried with other storage devices) Some time after I got this card (around 3 months ago) I started experiencing microstuttering which manifests as huge frametime spikes. 11-8 D9VK has weird frametime spikes while same release from D9VK github doesn&#39;t have As described in the title. g.  Mar 20, 2019 · Path of Exile Lag Spikes.  Some of them are caused by the map script, for instance wave creation can cause a noticeable but temporary slowdown.  Tripwire Support Killing Floor 2 Support Rising Storm 2 Support.  Above screens have been taken from my recordings.  If it is 80% or lower then it suggests that your CPU may be overheating and being thermally throttled.  Example: You have 60 frames under 0.  Most of users who has microlag the framerate is quite stable but frametime has brutal spikes.  Supercruise, less so, but all gameplay now Put another way, Windows by default uses SNTP and isn&#39;t drift-corrected. 33 ms but when the game starts to jitter it goes lower as if the game would output more frames than it&#39;s supposed to.  Having 10sec at 30 CheckSleepDuration parameter is the duration between frametime checks.  Already have frametime graph enabled.  9) Locking framerate with rivatuner; frametimes are better, but occasional spikes still make it stutter.  I would have a normal distribution curve applied and the charts overlaid.  Rocket League is decently fluid, but I think the game is the culprit.  I saw 90 once today, but it&#39;s dropping down to 5-15 regularly, particularly in a heated battle, but after a few seconds, it moves OK again for a bit, then drops again.  Apr 05, 2015 · Even with the power limit hit constantly, you can see the frametime being constant.  In the nvidai control panel, I changed a few things that helped.  Jan 08, 2016 · please read description!!!! skip to 3:00 to get straight to the point.  I still see the same frametime spikes at around 40-50ms which are quite noticeable in game.  However, with the overclock to 4.  In the Witcher 3, even capping my fps, yes, I do have frametime spikes when I pick up items (which I assume is normal), but sometimes just runnig around I have those frame time spikes, and of course I feel that stutter. ) my frametime usage spikes up and down leading to fps drops.  Aug 05, 2019 · Yes, I can confirm that case with Diablo 3.  most At the same time, that microstutter should be directly correlated with frametime spikes in the graph shown via afterburner.  Staff Response I think i found reason why game is &#39;freezing&#39; and i know how make it stop - 8 min video.  In terms of frametime differences, you’re looking at roughly 4.  MinTargetFrameTime and MaxTargetFrameTime parameters are the target frametime values this mod will try to achieve.  GPU usage drops from high 90s to mid teens.  The overhead takes up 60% of your frametime and as said below that&#39;s quite normal with such a low frametime in general.  I’m experiencing severe packet loss it seems.  Oooo, yeah I didn&#39;t catch that.  First of all, make sure you turn off your Firewall settings.  Linking 6 Threads from BF, some multiple month old and one even from Nov 2016, doesn&#39;t make lag problems in BF anywhere near as big as they are in pubg. k.  I have a similar problem that occurs in every game I&#39;ve started; My framerate goes down to around 17 FPS when looking at a specific area.  However sitting in a not so interesting area and just rotating while not moving, does produce a more smooth experience.  Aug 22, 2016 · The spikes can be seen in the SteamVR performance frame timing view, too.  We review the new AMD Radeon VII.  Basically when idle (or watching youtube) temps are fluctuating between 36 - 50C.  I got even better results with the clock at 4.  I had been running a 970 prior to upgrading and would only very rarely get frametime spikes during normal play, but now that I&#39;ve upgraded to a 2060 I seem to get them more often then before.  #1 when I try to search for something in Settings it always comes up Feb 01, 2019 · Getting random ms and frame time spikes that have made the game unplayable.  Battlefield V showing off Frametime spikes, stuttering Apr 08, 2018 · Then I opened the Latency Monitor and started playing GTA 5 again.  whenever Im walking or driving or some heavy stuff is on the screen( like police chases etc. ie (120fps=8ms, 60fps=16ms, 30fps=32ms) not great at explaining this, but as long as your frametime works along this calculation you should have a &quot;smooth&quot; experience, its when you get a variable frame rate frame times become an issue (also when vsync is on and the game has poor frametimes in the code), the way around this is a variable Sep 08, 2011 · I meant, the title of the article “Inside the second: A new look at game benchmarking” made me think it was going to be an article about TR radically changing the way they do reviews like what Jul 20, 2018 · See, same thing again.  severe spikes can get averaged out when using even a 0.  Barely scraping 55fps in VR.  In order to mitigate the problem you could overclock your CPU or swap it with an i7.  I am sure their software team (if they even have one) did not notice these frametime spikes as most of Gigabyte software looks like it was outsourced to some company which designs those i7 6700 msi h110m pro vd 16 gb ddr4 ram 750w corsair psu 250 gb Samsung 750 evo ssd and a msi gtx 1060 gaming x 6gb since I buy this card ı am getting microstutters I see when the game stutters frametime spikes in afterburner this is happening at all games.  and frametime spikes (worse).  For those of you who have trouble with frame spikes.  The basis of this high-end graphics card is VEGA64.  If the game has an exclusive fullscreen mode that is your best bet.  but no spikes or stutters at all and since he has better hardware, something else is wrong.  Jul 26, 2015 · You think that 1060 running faster than all of AMD&#39;s cards is normal? Did either of you bother to watch the benchmark video? There is absolutely nothing amazing happening at all in the scenes, hardly any animation anywhere and tons of frametime spikes all around, and that was on 980 Ti / 1070 / 1080 as they averaged over 80 fps @ 1080p.  But this time I am not even seeing anything in the Power% or GPU clock.  Standing still, doing ZERO inputs on keyboard/mouse results in AB logging perfect frametimes (bioshock infinite here is the specific example) however actually playing brings back the 50ms+ frametime spikes every couple of seconds.  I use SLI but have older cards than you.  That would be tested on the PC gaming wise relative towards graphics card performance with the latest AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers.  This can be related to frametime plot on 9600k, discovered by GN - google it It cant be just mere streaming textures, although that does add to the spikes.  It ran fine for a while until about 3 weeks ago i started getting massive frametime spikes in all my games.  I have done hundreds of hours of troubleshooting and cannot be bothered to list everything here, I&#39;m just so tired of this build.  anyone getting very unstable frametime spikes with silent option? basically, after a while frametimes become incredibly unstable and restarting silent option fixes it.  I have frametime spikes going up to 30-50ms.  This tutorial will give you a performance and boost fps in Insurgency With smooth lighting off, the frametime spikes are still there, but the game isn’t completely unplayable; however, the game looks awful with smooth lighting turned off.  Clock speeds for both GPU and CPU do not dip during these stutters.  Heres an example I know its a bit hard to read but basically its low gpu and cpu usage, with low fps and a bunch of over 50ms spikes in frametimes.  Mar 30, 2016 · My frametime randomly just goes up (for example: 9ms in CS:GO then spikes to 25ms, stays there like it&#39;s locked and spikes go from there to 30ms and down to 25ms, not going to it&#39;s normal state of 9ms).  So the April update has broken something.  Join us in this article where many graphics cards are being tested with the These show up as spikes in the frametime plot, and it seems like something FC5 just does unless you have at least 12 or more threads.  But after playing for a while, I noticed there was always constant frametime stuttering.  solution also works for people who get performance drop after waking computer from sle Yeah I think it is the gigabyte motherboards causing this, I have the same random freezes mouse would freeze for a second then everything is normal again.  These spikes will have fixed position in test runs.  I set max pre rendered frames to 1 and turned on triple buffering.  In all runs there are frametime spikes (40+ ms), sometimes reaching over 100ms.  Higher latency can indicate a slow framerate, and weird latency spikes It is that time of the year again, we take out a dozen or so graphics cards and benchmark Call of Duty: Black Ops III.  try capping FPS to 60 and see if spikes occur then.  Further investigation seems to indicate that, contrary to what the Unity profiler suggests, this seems to be a CPU issue (the frame-by-frame analysis of the SteamVR performance chart shows a CPU spike before the GPU spike) It is still unclear what is causing this, exactly.  i7 2670M 2.  And again, for online games, network activity or poor netcode can also cause frametime spikes.  It&#39;s not normal for a PC with a 9900K and a 1080ti/2080ti 1.  Hey! Ever since I got my new computer for Christmas, Minecraft has been the only game that I have lag in, Battlefield 3 runs on All Ultra 1920x1080.  In some cases, depending on the setup and/or game, you can reduce frametime spikes, but you can&#39;t fully eliminate them.  Usually these dips in usage result in both a major frametime spike and FPS drop, but some stutters result in frametime spikes with either very minimal drops in FPS or no drops at all.  I&#39;m not sure if the temperatures are okay or a bit too high and I should reapply TIM again (I did whole CPU surface thermal paste spread method).  It could just be the debugger.  My frame time is a steady 33.  Sep 17, 2019 · Frametime Spikes.  As the in-game lag due to graphics and PC specs have been discussed above, here we will suggest you take care of the things related to the software side which might be leading to lag in Path of Exile.  BF4 is fluent as heck, Titanfall 2 too.  Any playtime within &#39;normal space&#39; is jittery as hell.  It seems pretty much every setting adds to creating the huge frametime spikes.  Forums.  The clock at the lowest level of that OS drifting by up to 100us/sec is normal.  I chalk it down to FC5 being what it is.  But you can&#39;t EVER get used to lag Spikes, sudden stutter or micro freezes.  At the 5 hour mark in Subnautica, the inaccuracy from use of double in that addition would also be about 100us.  This guide will help your to optimize your game.  the frametime spikes from around 15-16 t When I play Overwatch, my game experiences high frametime spikes.  I noticed some very bad frame drops after booting up my machine today (only the third day of using it) and ran a bunch of recommneded fixes. 2Ghz and get the same &quot;strange&quot; frametime.  Why framerate and frametime don&#39;t match (during frametime spikes)? Occasionally, with some game titles (especially those named early access , that are not yet well optimized) I suffer from the gameplay that is not smooth.  This also causes my machine to micro stutter (highly fluctuating frametime) and my mouse Oct 19, 2015 · Still getting spikes :/ No changing to fps or pollrates has fixed it, debug or release mode.  Sep 10, 2019 · You’ll need to watch both CPU and GPU Frametime and adjust your Super Sampling (SS) percentage and in-game graphics settings to see what configuration keeps you in the Green/Yellow area.  Frametime spikes are normal, when running with uncapped fps Use RTSS to cap the fps.  It could be shaders being compiled by the CPU, or an asset that had Oct 14, 2017 · This video will teach you guys how to optimize Warframe on its latest BIG update &quot;Plains of eidolon&quot; for the best increases possible to boost fps reduce lag stop stuttering fix spikes and improve Oct 29, 2018 · So at speeds of 800 mhz the frametime spikes were at around 26-30 MS and at speeds of 1600-1800 they ranged from 16-20 MS, so i can&#39;t believe i am saying this because how the **** could ram speed Sep 09, 2018 · I know your post is old but i still get the same random frametime spikes in singleplayer with AI&#39;s (18-20 even when playing just with like 12-14), and in very populated multiplayer lobby&#39;s.  this will, or should work on all processors, not to sure how non k processors work with this setting, might be locked out, i have no clue, amd cpus, again no clue never had one, but basically if you are having cpu frame time spikes its likely an AVX instruction issue and you need to change the BIOS so AVX is processed at a higher clock speed. 5ms), and without silly frametime spikes.  I&#39;m getting weird jitter/stutter which should not be there.  Dec 30, 2018 · The result is a roughly equivalent frame-to-frame interval, with also roughly equivalent frametime spikes when they occur.  That being said, playing the game and having it visibly hiccup, and then play catch-up isn&#39;t exactly what I&#39;m aiming for when refining the most basic parts of my game loop.  Anytime anything happens in a game, I get frametime spikes (e.  I don&#39;t have any before screenshots, there were so many of them I deleted them all in one hit after getting quite frustrated with this.  The orange packet loss icons often appear on my screen while I’m playing and my SIM values fluctuate like crazy in heavy team fights where lots of abilities are used.  However, this only happens the first time the game loads a specific asset during a session.  The normal frame times concentrated around the average (166 fps / 6,02ms).  I suggest leaving at least approximately 1ms between them.  As you&#39;re no doubt aware, since Windows has dozens of Processes and Services running in the background, it’s normal to see rapid and random Core temperature “spikes” or fluctuations, especially during the first few minutes after startup, which should eventually settle. (time for the NEXT frame).  I think it got worse when they did some Draw Distance tweaks.  Frametime Issues persist, HYPERTHREADING potential cause Hopefully those viewing this are familiar with my issues.  Apr 12, 2016 · I also have a 2600k@4.  Thing is there seems to be no spike in my monitoring parameters and sometimes these spikes are noticeable as very very breaf but annoying micro stuttering, other times (expecially when playing 60fps locked games) i can only see them in rivatuner&#39;s graph.  Dec 23, 2017 · Tried out the regular Exile mod server that I play on (AWG Winter Altis).  Since they show no CPU usage, no disk usage,no mem usage, no mention of the scene, no nothing,you&#39;r natural instinct is to blame cores? One thing I noticed is in heavy CPU intensive games, I would constantly get a lot of stutters and frametime spikes.  Oct 25, 2016 · -The framerate(FPS=frames per SECOND) isn&#39;t the only important thing, the Frametime is important too. 1ms on the 2600K. I&#39;ve recently bought a Asus ROG Strix 2080 Super OC and since then i&#39;ve noticed some stuttering/ frametime spikes.  This seems to stay even on a gamespeed of 0.  WoW runs on All Ultra 1920x1080. ) max it to 100% causing frametime spikes.  Working nearly perfectly.  A frame rate limit of 30 does absolutely nil if you are not able to maintain that under most circumstances.  Moving does not truly provide a smooth experience.  ai Mar 19, 2018 · Hello all, today I got a notification from Windows 10 telling me there was a special update that would take longer than a normal one, so I did it and now I have a few problems.  The highest it jumped was 222ms.  But now the ryzen smoothness is back.  List of CS:S Cvars.  &quot;sv&quot; : ai_expression_frametime : 0 : , &quot;sv&quot; : Maximum frametime to still play background expressions.  Maybe because of the lower resolution (1680*1050).  Edited May 14, 2019 by Insolentius Here also, we see that because we&#39;ve gotten so close to dropping frames by frame 7966, interleaved reprojection kicks in.  The spikes never exceed 20ms for the 7700K so, while a few are noticeable Dec 20, 2019 · Then I had low fps so if you do this and then you have low fps just make sure to set your ram mhz back to normal which for me was 3000.  he has the same CPU and a better GPU even.  Mar 07, 2017 · Where minimum-FPS figures mislead, frame-time analysis shines. 2 sec.  I don&#39;t see any reason to be concerned about those results.  One block of lava to move cause 36ms lag spikes.  FB usage drops from around 50 to low teens.  Try different games, different driver versions, and&nbsp; Or, use Fraps&#39; frametimes function to benchmark.  Try different games, different driver versions, and different render modes within the game.  So far I am thinking of 2 things with a possible third.  I think that WIndows 10 is the culprit but not The fixed updates aren&#39;t causing spikes, the spikes are causing fixed updates.  3. are frametime spikes normal<br><br>

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