2018 Edinboro World Class Wrestling Camp – Camp Rules


    • You must be in the dorms by 10:35pm and in your room by 11:00pm.
    • You are only permitted in the following buildings: McComb Field House, your dormitory, VanHouten Dining Hall, and the Student Union. DO NOT go in other dormitories.
    • I understand that I am responsible for all medical costs associated with injuries, infections, accidentsand illness that may occur at camp.
    • Fighting, bulling, harassment of any kind and hazing is prohibited.
    • The use of alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco is prohibited.
    • No fireworks, skateboards, roller blades or roller skates permitted on campus.
    • No shaving cream fights or water balloons/guns permitted on campus (a clean-up fee will be charged).
    • No moving furniture. You cannot move your bed, chairs, etc. into other rooms or hall.
    • Lock your room. You are responsible for all damage to your room including water damage if thesprinkler system is activated. Lock your room door to keep others from damaging your room/property.
    • Dormitory inspection must be turned in to the camp store by 10:30pm the day of check-in. Roomsmust be cleaned upon check-out.
    • Any damage to the dormitory or facilities will be billed to the camper. DO NOT touch the sprinklersystem or smoke detectors.
    • Do not hang anything from the fire safety equipment, such as sprinkler heads or smoke detectors.
    • Do not touch the fire safety equipment (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, or fire alarms) except inan emergency.
    • You must carry your wresting shoes to the gym. Do not walk outside with your wrestling shoes.
    • You must attend every session – hurt or not.
    • You must report all cuts, scrapes, mat burn, sores, etc. to the coaches & athletic trainers.
    • You must wear clean workout clothes to every practice.
    • Keep your dorm room locked. If you cannot operate your door, see a coach. Be careful with yourbelongings.
    • Do not use or borrow anyone’s belongings. Stealing is not permitted.
    • Car keys must be turned in at check-in; you may not use car while at camp.
    • You may not leave campus to go into town.
    • Do not put your key into any lock except your own.
    • Video surveillance in operation on campus.
    • Do not go into the steam room or sauna.
    • Pizza or sandwich deliveries are not permitted after 10:00 pm.
    • No fighting; you are here to learn how to wrestle!


  • You must “bus” your own tray –  No smoking –  No throwing food –  No radios in the Dining Hall – No shouting – Take all the food you want, but eat what you take.



  • Lost Keys – $75.00
  • Bent or Broken Keys – $5.00
  • Lost Meal Tickets – $10.00

** Video surveillance may be in operation on campus**


All Camps are held at Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA

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